Apply for a Malaysian eVisa

Why Malaysian eVisa?

Looking for Malaysia Embassy in your country? Trying to figure out how to apply for visa to Malaysia? Let’s save your time with Malaysian eVISA process.

Who can use eVISA to travel to Malaysia?

According to Malaysian policy, there are currently 10 countries below eligible for Malaysian eVISA:










Sri Lanka

  • Please notice that you Malaysian eVISA is for single entry only, and valid for 90 days from issuance date, allowing you to stay in Malaysia maximum 30 days.

  • Malaysian eVISA is non-extendable. If you overstay illegally, you could be fined and denied to enter Malaysia next time.

Required documents for Malaysian eVISA

Malaysian eVISA application requires the following documents:

  1. Scanned Bio-Page of your Passport (valid within more than 6 months at time of entry with at least 3 blank pages).
  2. Your recent front-facing photo. (The background must be in white)
  3. Your returned flight ticket.
  4. Proof of your accommodation and your travel iterary are not required but highly recommended.

All of the documents need to be attached in the email you send to us.

A valid Credit/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard) will also be needed to complete the eVISA application. If you need more secured payment method, please contact us for details.

Please check document requirements for more details.

Fee for Malaysian eVISA

There are 2 kinds of fees to make Malaysian eVISA : Government fee and service fee.

Government fee is charged by the policy of the Government of Malaysia. This government fee is different for each case, depending on the type of Malaysian eVISA you apply and the country you are from.

Service fee is charged for helping you to apply for Malaysian eVISA as soon as possible with precise information and process guaranteed.

Check visa fee for details.

Applying for Malaysian eVISA

No long paperwork process or waiting in line, Malaysian eVisa process consists of only these 3 simple steps:

 1. Take 3 – 5 minutes to fill out the online application form. Precise personal and flight information are required.

 2. Pay your service fee and Government fee online. Credit/Debit Card mentioned in Payment Guidelines are all accepted. In case you need more secured payment method, please contact us for details.

Payment Method

After finishing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email for your eVisa order and document requirements. Your Malaysian eVISA will be sent via email after 3 – 5 days or shorter for emergency cases.                                         

 3. Print out your eVISA and present it for checking at your departure port. Follow instructions of Malaysia Immigration Officers at the port to get the stamp on your passport.

Advantages of choosing our Malaysian eVISA service

With our service, applying for Malaysian eVISA has become much easier than before. Our service is offered with many benefits to help processing your Malaysian eVISA as soon as possible:

- The whole process is performed online from anywhere, which is much more convenient and time-saving.

- Document requirements checked and made compliant with government’s guidelines

- Information double checked and correction; no need to reapply several times for the exactness.

- Privacy protected and information secured for customers

- 24/7/365 professional support via email, chat and Hotline to help when in need

- eVisa recovered via email in case of loss

- Flexible refund service fee policy for denied cases

- Especially recommended for rush cases.

For further questions, please contact us via Chat, Hotlines or Email.


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